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  1. I had this with Modo today. Sorted it out by following the steps below. Look for parts of the model that have no mesh in them. Remove those. Look also for Groups with sub parts. SL doesn't like those. Move the sub parts up to the root level and get rid of the group.
  2. I have put this at the bottom of my more expensive listings after raising the prices by about 10% - I don't see it contravening any listing rule and it does not knock the marketplace at all. Its up to the consumer to choose where to get it.:
  3. I did this calculation: If I buy 2500L$, it cost me $9.73, and with transaction fee of US1.49 the final cost is US$11.22 If I sell an item on the MP for L$2500, I now get L$2250 for it. (10% LL commission as of Dec 2nd 2019) When I sell the L$2250, I get US$8.13. (3.5% transaction fee to LL) When I withdraw the balance to my bank, I get US$7.72 (5% Transaction fee to LL) So if a SL member buys L$2500 and the merchant cashes it in, we are seeing a transformation of US$11.22 to US$7.72, and LL are effectively taking 31.2% for themselves. LL say in thier blog post: ”This new rate remains significantly lower than most digital content commissions across the industry. Apple and Google charge a 30% commission on sales in their app stores, as do many other popular virtual worlds, VR and gaming platforms, such as Oculus and Sinespace.” They refer just to the 10% MP commission, but we see that LL is actually creaming off over 30% if you follow the money from start to finish. 10% MP commission is one thing, but then all the other charges just add up to something that is somewhat unfair.
  4. Great, good move... and whilst you are about it, why not do it too for the rest of SL. Nobody really likes ban-lines except anti-social people who really should not be in this social environment.
  5. New Reply to old problem. But I found a solution. Maybe it helps others. In the beta grid, you upload images and you use the UUID of those images in the scripts for some llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast functions. Now those images do not exist in SL. So they show grey. You need to update the new UUID of the image that is in SL into the script.
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