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  1. I can't recommend this enough: SL Artist is the closest thing we have to an SL cable network: https://www.slartist.com/index.html Shows from the Treet.tv lineup are still out there. Designing Worlds, a production of PrimPerfect Magazine, airs every week on Monday. There is a viewing party at Garden of Dreams on Mondays at 2pm SLT as well. In the past two weeks, they did full one-hour+ episodes talking about animesh and Zooby babies: https://www.slartist.com/designing-worlds-dw393-animesh_41ebf51d3.html https://www.slartist.com/designing-worlds-dw395-zoobys_86a35160c.html Giant Snail races are still going strong and hilarious as ever: https://www.slartist.com/giant-snail-race-553-19-mar-23-robots_b9ea6122b.html RacerX has also introduced the "Anything Goes" Race which is really... um... something. Almost terrifying from an avatar's perspective: https://www.slartist.com/anything-goes-race-2019-3-22-robots_6f9c8de4f.html Also on SL Artist are radio shows, Drax Files, music and dance performances. It's all still out there. Hope that helps.
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