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  1. similar to Persephone.  I keep the relationship open but no other gf or bf.   when i log on i want to spend my time with the girl i am with. If they are busy then we set a time limit from 30 min to an hour.  I dont want to hours for someone. I wouldnt make anyone wait.  Trust and honesty is a big thing for me in SL.  If you lie to me about who you are with or what you are doing the relationship won’t last

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  2. HI my name is Sarah and I am a tgirl in SL looking for a girlfriend to spend my time with in SL only.  I am on SL after 8 pm SLT. I like to have an open relationship with some rules to be discussed by us.  I enjoy romance and snuggles, beaches, dancing, and spending my time with a GF when on together.   IM me and lets setup an SL date



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