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  1. What are some things you learned while in SL??
  2. Its funny to find that many people who wants to voice
  3. send the person that is hiding an IM
  4. Most times I dont want to know a lot of information about their real life or pictures especially of their parts
  5. i know i would rather not see a real life picture though especially of certain body parts
  6. I expect a little fibbing about one’s real life so finding out the person is not who they said they were is not a big deal as long as the avatar in SL is believable.
  7. how do you really know they are rich??
  8. it doesnt matter to me who is behind the avatar.
  9. what would be your reaction if any if you found out your SL partner/GF/BF was the opposite gender of their SL avatar..ie girl playing a guy role or guy playing a girl role??
  10. there is no places for “free sex”. you have to meet someone yourself. there are places to take someone
  11. met someone here from forum and she has swept me away
  12. its a pain in the azz to mess around with trying to modify your avatar. i would rather buy another shape than mess around with sliders
  13. not me. i am not a para roleplayer. though i do more than just one sentence
  14. i always felt Baldurs Gate on Faerun was my second home...wink
  15. everyone is in SL for a different reason..whether it be the serious roleplayer or someone who is running around naked. everyone is playing a role
  16. there are plenty of areas to pick up and rp in that are not rp sims
  17. any type of roleplay in sl may have references to sex, except maybe the family rp, but you decide what your characters path and if you don't have to participate especially if you find players with similar interests.
  18. i would put in your profile when u find a sim to roleplay that you are not looking for sexualized roleplay. put it out there or part of your roleplay profile
  19. dont have anyone but would be nice to find couples like that.
  20. i meet most girls in SL by reading their profiles and making a comment to them.
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