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  1. On 6/5/2019 at 2:58 PM, Gopi Passiflora said:

    I just realized the main reason as to why I like using female avis...it's a way of making my dream girl come to life, so to speak. I'll admit it, I'm a single guy who's never had a relationship. I guess that female avatars are a way for me to create my dream girl and allow me to transfer my ideas of what my ideal woman would be like onto the avi. It's kinda like having a girlfriend in a way.

    Go ahead, laugh at me. I know it's pathetic.

    Nothing wrong with being a girl in SL.  You might be surprised how many of your female friends in SL are men

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  2. The best was my gf and I picked up another trans woman couple from a club for a foursome.  The worst experience was this girl and she was stunning.  She put a lot of linden into avatar but all she did was “ahh” or “mmm”.  There was long pauses in the IM.  I told her i had to leave because my gf was on.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Atosuria Daviau said:

    the one that drives me nuts is when you get guys hitting on you in IM and your married. people ignored me when i was alone in SL but now ... .What the heck man

    guys dont care.   Don’t fall asleep in RL and leave your avatar on a bed  or perhaps a towel that has options for sex.

  4. On 1/13/2019 at 9:23 AM, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    What's the point of that? 

    Then I would just draw the attention of all the guys that love dickgirls.

    Oh wait, I get it now, just lie to every guy I meet.

    That doesn't seem very nice.


    I am a dickgirl and have a aero wang and that doesnt work...winkz

  5. 17 hours ago, usedcars said:

    being lied to by an sl gf or partner about their activities in sl

    Since most of the relationships I have been are open relationships and I am accepting of most things/kinks my partner/gf likes,  telling lies to me about activities is bordering on stupidity

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  6. On 8/17/2019 at 8:23 PM, BloodDoll Lulu said:

    I thought about doing that but in the end for my specific situation I don't think they'll take his computer away from him. He'll still come in SL. I don't think he stalks anyone but me and I saw his entire police record, he really puts a lot of hours into it. His whole life it seems is lived online. I guess I could do it Monday. This isn't a new issue it's a long time running problem, I think an 8 year one now that is so exhausting because of the amount of effort I put into trying to get anyone to help and listen. This even extended outside of SL into other games. I'm pretty sure he had a spy on my Steam account (Steam did hard ban him from friending me according to them because he made threats to end his own life if I didn't talk to him) but I deleted all those people a few years ago. Now I just keep people I know offline on my list. Just thinking about this again is bad. It started out as a pet peeve on here and now I'm thinking about it again and It really does affect me barely going in SL these days.

    Thats the reason why some people have alts and not usually the same group of friends

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