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  1. 13 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

    I think it might, particularly if you advertise clearly that there will be no hand-holding or assistance with roleplay.

    However I do think that it will also attract griefers and trolls if there is no moderation. Not just "bad roleplayers" but people who don't want to roleplay at all, only to spoil the experience of others. Preventing rezzing will help but it won't stop people getting their RP spoiled by griefers who just interrupt, bump into you, say offensive things etc. Unmanaged roleplay is one thing, an un-moderated region is something else entirely, and there's no point hanging round in a roleplay region where you can't actually do any roleplay because of the disruptive actions of others.

    One possible solution to this would be to split off a small parcel as an OOC landing zone which is free access, make the rest of the land group-access only, and charge a fee to join the group.

    Another would be to make the group invite-only, and interview/audition players before they join.

    Or, just hire a few moderators with ban/eject rights.

    I think it will be full of furrries and vampires

  2. 2 hours ago, Zzevir said:

    /me grabs a baseball bat - Get off from my patch if you don't want to get hurt. (What is Fickr?)

    Flickr...place for storage of video and pics.  You can share them, join groups, look at others pics.  

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  3. 3 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

    Manner of speaking, certain phrases they might use. Uncommon but repeated spelling mistakes.  (These assume that I already know the "main").

    Very young avatar that clearly knows exactly how SL works and how to use it, has no trouble shopping, unpacking boxes, dressing themselves, using mesh. Knows how to use the building tools.

    Very young avatar with no payment info on file that's fully kitted-out in L$10k's worth of mesh body and head (and is comfortable with using the huds).

    Understands jokes about stuff in SL that ceased to exist before the account was created. Like hair up the butt on teleporting.

    Officially, six (the TOS allows five). But I really don't think Linden Lab bothers to enforce that and likely it would only be noticed if you did something else that was ban-worthy. 

    Where can you check to know if they have  payment info on file?

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