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  1. Probably because not every SIM in SL are created and inhabited by English speaking users, hence the mentioning of the other languages.
  2. - *Taking time to go through the preferences to configure stuff to your liking. [in Firestorm] - If you prefer moving using the WASD, check the box under Preferences -> Move&View -> Movement > Pressing letter keys ... ... local chat - if you prefer to cam around with some privacy, under Preferences -> Privacy -> LookAt -> My look at targets (check the boxes accordingly) - you can remove the camera constraints under Preferences -> Move&View -> View - you can 'show friends' only, which hides all other non-friend avatars in the viewer under World ->
  3. Oo hi!! could meet up in-world some time. Which part of Asia are you from? By the way, it would be more fun to make friends with everyone from everywhere too~.
  4. Hello Hello, It's been awhile since I looked for this genre of clothing, but here's a list of brands that I know of that hopefully might fit what you're looking for :3. Not sure if you've came across any of these but... Hope this list helps -> AZOURY: in-world | marketplace -> LAB737: in-world | marketplace -> Shu Mesh: in-world | marketplace -> Cerberus Xing (mostly accessories I think): in-world -> The Forge (some covered clothing/armor, like the Cypher runner gacha set): in-world | marketplace -> Remarkable Oblivion (some accessories): in-worl
  5. Saw this post just after I saw the other one regarding Korean fashion. (will copy and paste and also add in more) Maybe you could check these brands, but I personally feel the skin makes the biggest difference. More towards Korean style -> M.BIRDIE: in-world -> MiWAS (miwa's airship): in-world | marketplace -> AMITOMO: in-world | marketplace -> MUDSKIN (skin, towards Korean style): in-world -> monso (hairstyle, some towards the Korean style): in-world | marketplace -> NYU: in-world | marketplace -> More towards the Japanese style ->
  6. Hello, you could maybe check these brands too, hope that helps (not too sure if they have it for your body type though) - M.BIRDIE: in-world - MiWAS (miwa's airship): in-world | marketplace - AMITOMO: in-world | marketplace - MUDSKIN (this is for skin but the look is towards K fashion as well): in-world - monso (hairstyle, they have some towards the K fashion look): in-world | marketplace may want to try these too, (personally find that they're more towards Japanese style but there might be some overlaps) -> C'EST LA VIE: in-world | marketplace or one thing
  7. I always felt that SL is what we take it to be. For me i discovered SL pretty late, joining just about two years ago in 2016. First discovering SL through a YouTube video of a bunch of people 'trolling' around. Even though the context of the video was such, it made me realize that you could just about make anything you wanted to (of course with some limitations ) as long as possessed the skills to. That made me jump straight into SL and trying to learn such said skills Ever since then, I have found that there's so much to be done in SL and in fact, I often wish that
  8. I see I see, thanks for the response ?, and really good to know that it does get looked into and that it may get resolved / looked into. Ah, saw the link provided and that comment (by Maestro) as mentioned. Thanks again!! ? I added a crude 'workaround' (sort of) to try and minimise the times the TextureAnimation freeze occurring, based on TextureAnimation working as it should during it's stationary moments. During the at_target() event, I added a SET_STATUS | PHYSICS FALSE to stop it instantly rather then let it ease in. Noticed that this forces the TextureAnimation to resume (uns
  9. Thanks thanks!! I haven't seen that link yet, will do and read through it to get a better understanding too. Will do as you suggest and attempt to file it on JIRA, (haven't done it before but will figure it out ?). Does the issue usually get resolved once it's on JIRA (just curious)? Further edit: Have posted on JIRA as advised, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225792.
  10. Unable to edit the post as it's over 24 hours. ? Would like to add on to the post (additonal information for any documentation of sorts) on how to recreate the issue with a simple cube and a animated texture. 1. Rez a cube 2. Insert the script below. [Note: I used a timer () in this recreation but using a at_target will replicate it as well] [Any texture can be used] 3. Set Object to be Physical and Phantom (optional) 4. There will be moments where the Texture animations just freezes up and the texture is displayed incorrectly (unlike any of the four cells) (more specifically, the
  11. Ok, will do!! (Had to look around for the report button). Thanks again! ? Hopefully there is something that can be done on my side other than to live with it.
  12. Thanks!! mmm, was originally only at the State:Entry() part, will keep it there. Bummer.. that the TextureAnimation + a movement results in that. I've always thought that out of all the ways to animate a mesh, TextureAnimation would be one of the more ideal methods.. I guess each method has their own problems. Thanks so much again!! ?
  13. Hello, Sorry to trouble/disturb anyone but I've encountered an issue and Googling hasn't helped much. Would like to ask if anyone knows the reason for this 'error' or perhaps could point me in the right direction which I could look for answers. Would really really appreciate it. ? I made a mesh object that simulates animation using llSetTextureAnim, (4 frames, 2 by 2) and cycles through the four frames of mesh, giving the illusion that the object 'Jumps'. The object animates without any issue when stationary. However when I script it to wander about, there are instances (random) wher
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