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  1. Thank you Josephine, that is a lovely gown
  2. Thank you MegaRose..Looking now
  3. Thank you and yes I am trying that but I'm not really finding any 80s theme
  4. Hi, could anyone tell me where I can find a 80s Prom dress please or point me in the direction of creators of 80s fashion..much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Harmony0 Heartsong


    Hi can anyone tell me where I can purchase a dress/gown that I can wear for an 80s Valentine Prom please? Thanks in advance
  6. PianoManDuet, thank you very much I will IM you later and I think the dress is ok for Slink .. look forward to meeting you
  7. Ok, wasn't sure where to post this but I am looking for a few Bridesmaids for my up coming wedding in 2 weeks... I tend to keep my circle small and the Bridesmaids which I do have are both tied up in RL which I always state. must come first.. So if you are available around at about 12 Central time - 6pm gmt 18th November and would like to join me for my wedding and hopefully become friends as well then please IM me ..I would prefer you to have Maitreya Lara Mesh body please and have an updo hair style..the rest I will provide...
  8. Looking for Dancers ASAP Male/Female to perform in live shows, if you like to role play with no limitations then come and see us now at The Real Underground Club or IM me ASAP .. you keep 100% Tips
  9. Hey Klit Tyna.. a threat on my partner is a threat on my whole family...so send your goons anywhere near my family and you will feel our wrath!
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