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  1. Update.. He has been trying to change outfits from appearance editor and it was causing the crashing... Changing outfits via inventory folders is working.
  2. Hi Community, Perhaps you can help. My husband uses Firestorm Viewer on his Mac (most recent version to date) and has for the past few years. He recently purchased a New Windows computer and downloaded the most recent version of Firestorm for Windows.. simple enough. However- with the NEW machine he crashes every time he tries to replace his outfit. The only way he can log back in.. Is to go back to his Mac and change into that "one and only" outfit that allows him to log in with Windows. He has uninstalled and clean-reinstalled several times and nothing seems to be different. Curious if anyone else has had this issue?
  3. More than anything, I find SL to be simply a social platform no matter where you are. Unless you are specifically here for building/creating. Meeting the right people/groups, making friends to play in RP, and sharing your experiences is the key. Lonely venturing leads to boredom regardless of your sexual orientation. Sarbo is a great gay community that is quite lively and entertaining. Not an RP community.. However- I am sure there are people that can point you in the right direction. Create a "home base" somewhere and the rest will fall into place.
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