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  1. (Edited 5 hours ago by Anna Nova Just remembered that American may not be everyone's first language. ) string reply = "0x" + "22416d65726963616e222061732061206669727374206c616e67756167652e2057656c6c206172656e277420796f752070726563696f7573"
  2. Works fine (did not test against 'set to not show in search' because why)
  3. Thanks Zero Due to your sterling denunciations I can add 'yep make my own scripts' alongside the 'yep these are my meshes, dreadful as they are' to my humble offerings. Could you do one on textures next? Would love to add that too begging yer honours presence sort of thing.
  4. Lets see.. 5 k lindens gives a month premium and leaves 4k to buy. Code up a bot to buy and split any and all parcels set at 1 underr this sceme and split as small as possible. Set to sell at laughable rate. O yes also terraform at random and plunk down something. Rinse and repeat monthly. Result - not sure but interesting to try.
  5. a) "Just" - well, glad you put that in quotes. I'll "just" give up then b) well yes the special things I buy are just that. c) good for you. I will remember to add 'uses own sit built with my blood sweat and swaering'. "Just" And to quote Chic Aeon This really is disturbing to the many of the folks that do the work ALL by themselves. Not a 'folks' but the rest stands. (also proactive is not a word but think lost that one <8! )
  6. My grandma and your grand-ma were sit-tin' by the fire My grandma told your grand-ma "I'm gon-na set your flag on fire" My Gran sort of fudged the other lines,
  7. Yes. I use them. Even did some simple tricks in the U engine in re vehicles that I learned here. Was not difficult (is reference to another A post not bothering to find; we sold a few but killed it to go dancing - and not talk to anyone because we can). All I can say is despite certain gloom merchants this is still alive and kicking. @Luna Bliss worst version ever and heard a few.
  8. Why not, There are groups for everything else. And no it was not <brutal>. Is called life. Ten and counting... And on a 32 windows too.
  9. Nothing to do with which viewer you use (even if its bloatStorm). Its the daft my*secondlife unfinished social want-to-be thing where anyone logged in to it can see unless you change the settings - everyone - second life - friends for all the bits. Other hand anyone quoting Sweet Dreams gets a plus 10
  10. Watching the Moon and such a spectacle. Sorry, not available in NA
  11. I would like to thank those who have raised concerns in this thread. Having been a 'guest' of mental health professionals I am very aware of the - basic invalidity. It is not science. And yes those who know me do know - the rest its rats bottom to you which is a fascinating subset re rats) I have done a fair bit of research on the state of mental health provisions in Canada and the UK and I have found nothing to support any of the OP's statements. Any insight into the US side had led to '*shudder*'and Goop. @Corky Linden
  12. As reposting an alt list from a goron blog circa 2013 constitutes an article the barrier seems quite low. In the words of Yosser - "Gis a job.. I could do that"
  13. @Laufiair Hexicola Unless recently changed, limit in SL still 64m http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits#Building This is not one of the other places.
  14. Checked on 32 bit version Second Life Release (32bit) to hotmail account - same result no pic, SLURL etc OK - correction first attempt fail second was fine and first arrived intact after a few hours. GMX fine first attempt. Twixt approx 13:00 and 18:00 grown up clock. 16.02.2018
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