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  1. Thanks! I guess I’d like to write my first script that outputs my current relative position in chat.
  2. How does a developer determine the positions when the furniture is built? Do they manually export it from AVsitter as you described or is there a more elegant solution?
  3. So ‘cpcampos’ is the command I’m looking for, I guess. I would still like to know how poseball positioning can be hard coded into the furniture. It seems that when I edit the position card or add animations to furniture all of the personal offsets that were added from the menu get dumped, and I have to go back in and readjust them. I guess if you need to know where I’m coming from specifically, I moved the Ruckus engine from the ugly default bed into something else, and would like to calibrate the positions to fit the new bed. I also added some good VAW anims to the same bed and found that by copying the {x,y,z} sequence from a menu item that rezzed in approximately the right place I initiated the poseballs correctly. I’m guessing that {xyz} sequence is relative position from the prim that the engine lives in. I’m sure I can fiddle with it to figure it out, but is there a built in tool for reporting this sequence or is it all just trial and error? This bed takes a long time to initialize, so trial and error is painful.
  4. Masha Revnik

    Chat commands

    I remember that I once read that you can type something in chat that will return your map coordinates, what is that command? Can you direct me to a complete list of chat commands? Also, I want to adjust the poseball positions in my furniture. Is there a way to get the appropriate coordinates to tweak furniture from a chat command?
  5. Thank you very much, that was very helpful.
  6. I’ve recently become interested in creating content in SL, and I can tell right away that coding in notecards inworld is frustrating. Would anyone mind stepping me through their workflow to create and test content and then push it up to SL? At least in general terms. I use Atom for other coding, and I see in the file-icons plugin for Atom that there is an SL icon, so there MUST be someone else out there doing it this way! What extensions do SL files use by the way?
  7. Hi, just logged in to verify! These are exceptional animations. They also make full use of hip motion, which is hot and under used and has the added benefit of causing breast jiggle if your physics are configured! IM me in game with an explanation, and you can try it out with me.
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