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  1. I dj and belong to dj remix pools so you cant find the exact mixs i jam to but right now playing is: DJ Moutie - Rockstar 2018 (Trap Edit) (RMX) (Dirty) (80) - Post Malone X 21 Savage X Crankdat
  2. Ok but what about "party Animals"? Do these count? I can supply beer, liqour, and smoke and even music to get the party bumpin.
  3. Hooligans has sex parties. Fair Game is an interesting sex club if you attend you have to participate.
  4. Good gods there is for sure a shortage of big boobie elf girls! What about love for not so endowed elf girls? Where is the love.....
  5. Couple looking for other couples for friends ! We are Jon & Jasmine Blackthorne. We are a real life couple who met in secondlife. We have been together almost 10 years now. We are not looking for X-rated adventures with other couples. We are looking to make friends with couples who would enjoy the following: Hanging out and socializing. Exploring SL together Attending music events together Exploring art places Possibly games? We also want to avoid being around Littles, we do not mind if you have them, we would just not be to keen on hanging out if they are around. Feel free to message me hoganshero or jasmine heartsong in world for a meet and greet, maybe we will all mesh well together and form an awesome friendship that is enduring.
  6. The guys profile is empty in sl too.
  7. I am watching......you. Ducks back into the shrubbery.
  8. Same goes here. I tried to IM you in world but you were not online.
  9. Me and my wife have had for the most part nightmarish dealings with child avi's. We have one child avi that we kept, the rest were well they had issues, like lots of them. I doubt I would ever adopt a child avi again.
  10. This thread has gotten way off topic. The OP is at least trying to find someone. I wish I knew a single lady to intro him to, that would at least be constructive.
  11. What about a job planting two lips , er i mean tulips. AH nm wrong job goes back to coffee.
  12. The better rp sims I have been to people just emote shooting insteading of actually having shoots outs all over the place.
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