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  1. 300 USD + 300 USD for transfer fee / grandfathered pricing fee (( to LL )). Tier is the 26th of each month @ 95 per month. Sim is for sale come the 4th. Contact citythug resident via IM or notecard. The region can be moved or renamed. It is in a location with room to add on more sims if desired. total cost to buyer including all fees to LL to keep it grandfathered + transfer is $600 USD. 1st one to contact me to put the ticket in gets it. Edit: If you move on this quickly your getting 3 weeks of tier already paid.
  2. He sounds like a certified creeper. The fits hes throwing , like idk are his arms flexing and his legs T-rexing when he has these fits? Anyway cute cards, mute / block. problem solved. You tried the nice route but this guy does not want to hear the nice route. You did your part trying to end it nicely, he does not want to listen, and with those types 2 billion words would never be enough. Cut cards, block, move on and just do you.
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