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  1. well I know hes telling the truth cause his name doesn't show up when searched
  2. thanks for the info I was kinda hoping there was a way to do this with out me spending the L on it
  3. so a while back my partner informed me he had been banned from sl, and I had held out hope that he would be able to resolve his ban issues and come back but I think hes given up but im not sure as I haven't heard from him since. my question is there a way to un-partner with him to where I don't have to spend the L to do so?
  4. so I was browing cams when I saw this [REDACTED] im sure that its against there rules to use anything but your self as the person making the money and I was just wondering if it was against the tos on here to do this I know if its lindens its fine but just was not sure.
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