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  1. thanks for that. also wondering - if I convert Lindens to USD tilia balance do they deduct from there for fees as well?
  2. Hi all, This might be a silly question but is there a way to pay the private region maintenance fee early ? I'm looking every where and all I can find is how much it costs. I know how much it is, but would love to be able to say, pay up for like 2 months in advance. Any help would be welcome.
  3. never mind... it just started working on its own.... problem.. uhhh.. "solved" ?
  4. Hi all, Been searching around a bit and i cant seem to find anything in relation to the issue I'm having. Just recently purchased a full region, everything is going fine until I try to set the music stream on the sound tab in About Land. Now we are moving from smaller join parcels to the new region. The stream works just fine in the parcels. You can listen to it also in a web browser or media player etc. In the new region, the URL is set in the sound section but it will not play in the region. I'm sure there is something I'm totally spacing on, but any suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind, the stream works basically anywhere else in SL that I can use it just not my new region XD thanks in advance !
  5. Just wondering why recently the conversion rate is $10 higher than the actual rate. I just paid $40 USD for 10500L. With the current conversion rate 40 USD = 60 AUD. Yet I'm being charged $70 AUD. Can someone explain where the extra $10 is coming from????
  6. There is no way they are getting any form of ID other than my credit card to tie to my second life account.. Just take a second to think about what it actually means. They will be storing said information...
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