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  1. Do you consider yourself the "Class Clown?" Are you an intelligent donkey? If you answered yes to these questions, and are interested in performing live on-stage, please contact nosnamk resident inworld for an audition.
  2. Music plus voice female to introduce the dj around 20 sec
  3. Looking a creator of radio spots for an in world dj. Pls contact yingthai Resident
  4. Looking for a skilled builder for a construction on Sansar pls contact yingthai Resident
  5. A monthly fashion event is looking for a public relations manager and a web manager. pls contact yingthai Resident.
  6. 2 experienced managers for a monthly fair event. I'm to yingthai Resident.
  7. Monthly event is looking for an assistant manager with experience to contact creators and bloggers. Pls. Im to YingThai Resident.
  8. Hire Bloggers to promote monthly event. Contact yingthai Resident with Notecard or send im if online.
  9. Looking for a youtube movie creator to promote a monthly fair event. Please contact with notecard yingthai Resident or send an IM if online
  10. The YingThai Group in partenrship with RL sponsors, directors and designers is creating a monthly event fair that will be open in spring Pls. send me a notecard or im if online ( yingthai Resident ) with the previews jobs you had as a manager & your qualifications for this job (skills, groups that you know, places you will promote)
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