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  1. Hi. I just get gag that I'd love to use with my UTILIZATOR's Normie head. It's Eternal SexyShop - BallGag - Be Mine. But, when I click on gag it shows, but mouth not opens. If I'm trying to do that with standart avatar everything works, mouth opens. Is there any way to fix that? Make mouth autoopen on gag insert? Ofc I can press that button from head's hud manualy, but...
  2. Popular brands include T & T Products (about 1200? L$ for the basic version, plus more for various plugins and accessories, a version with random stimulation will probably set you back about 1700), KaS also do a belt, that has fewer features but is a bit cheaper. Oh and the maids uniforms... Try Kcreations on the Marketplace, or KaS (The KaS looks a bit nicer, and the shine/textures match their strapped ballet boots, strapped gloves, posture collars etc). Thanks, would look for.
  3. Hi everybody. Have few ideas, browsing through net and this forums didn't give me answer. Didn't find any ability to link two girls collars to each other. Smth like girls from this manga - two collars linked to each other with requesting permission to do anything. As - one girl wants to tp somewhere, need another's permission (she has a request) and they would tp together. One want to use smth, another have a request, etc. And, of course, setting for set max distance between collars. Another question is for selfbondage: what chastity belt has included plug, or couple of belt + plug? Belt with
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