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  1. A quick picture I took of today's casual outfit.
  2. As Orwar said, VYC have some more 'mature' skins. I think Stray Dog has a more 'middle-aged' skin too. If you're looking for decent facial hair as well, Volkstone are your best bet.
  3. Haven't posted here in forever. I'm at Halloween Town. No idea why as I have no interest in Halloween.
  4. Haven't posted on here in quite some time! Here's a picture someone took of me a couple days ago!
  5. At a formal live show. Took a quick snap so don't judge my photography skills from this picture aha!
  6. Was checking out Mopire Tokyo Subway Station earlier ^-^ Hanging out at Mopire Subway by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  7. At Aley Kat's live show. Love her voice! Some more quick snaps by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  8. Trying to decide if I suit a full-on beard...
  9. Relaxing in Netherwood by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  10. Glad it's not just me with this issue! It's so much more complicated than it should be. If you link me your Flickr I'll definitely pop you a follow. Have seen some of your pictures around on the forum and they're fantastic!
  11. Hey there! Just a quick one! I was wondering if anyone could suggest any active Flickr groups. Done a bit of Googling which showed me some SL Flickr groups that hadn't been used for quite some time. I'm already a part of Second Life (safe pictures only), ^SL sexiest men^, Second Life Fashion, mystical fae forest, Firestorm Viewer, Second Life LOTD & Second Life Official. But yeah, just wondered if anyone knew of any generic SL Flickr groups? Cheers!
  12. I appreciate all of the replies! You all make super valid arguments. I'll try and get out of the mindset of expecting to know people's 'real age'. Now I just need to find some nice sims aha!
  13. Yeah, I get what you mean. Maybe I just need to keep on trying to find a sim which is relevant to my interests. SL is a big place (full of dead sims) so it can sometimes be a hard task!
  14. Yeah, I've done that plenty of times and still do. You do occasionally find people a similar age but only occasionally. Clubs like Exhale seem to be good for coming across other users nearer to my age but it'd be nice to discover more clubs. Also, it is surprising how hard it is to find a good Indie/Alternative club that isn't dead haha
  15. Hi there! Never made a topic on the SL forums before but I was curious if any other residents have an issue finding people around their age? I'm a 23-year-old guy and seem to struggle to meet people between 20-40. I guess more people my age tend to go out IRL as opposed to online, but as someone who suffers from anxiety that's not something I often do. I appreciate the fact that age doesn't necessarily matter in SL and have made plenty of friends who are 40+, but it'd be nice to meet more people closer to my age. Anyway, I'm just rambling now and making no sense, but was just interested to see if anyone else had the same issue as me, or if I'm just looking in the wrong places. EDIT: THIS MAY BE MORE SUITED TO THE 'MAKE FRIENDS' SECTION BUT I WAS UNSURE. IF A MOD WANTS TO MOVE IT TO A MORE RELEVANT SECTION THEN FEEL FREE TO DO SO.
  16. Been trying to take better photos in SL. Think I'm slowly improving?
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