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  1. Depression is kicking my arse recently. Not much motivation, constantly tired, fatigued. Just absolutely 'bleugh'. But it will pass!
  2. My biggest pet peeve is when you forget to put on your Tiny Empires HUD and don’t realise until an hour after you’ve changed outfits 🤷‍♂️
  3. Although I can't suggest any sims for you to check out, I can show empathy. I felt the exact same way, and unfortunately the way I found my 'place' so-to-speak was to just keep sim-hopping, talking to new people and putting myself 'out there'. I'm 25 and joined SL when I was around 21. I still feel young compared to others, but the age thing doesn't bother me nowadays. Exhale is a club which caters to a lot of the younger crowd, though its definitely not a goth club. Hope you eventually find your place in the crazy place that is Second Life!
  4. I don't get why you care about the whole 'liking' pictures thing? It literally has no meaning or impact. If this was Flickr, I'd understand, but this is a forum. A place to share and discuss, not a popularity contest.
  5. // Comfort // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  6. // Patience // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  7. // Struggle // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  8. Got to dance with a cute girl the other night @TatianaNikolay
  9. No worries. I suffer from severe anxiety so I’m constantly struggling with things like this. Feel free to add me in-world if you ever need any help. Just search Hunkledink Resident.
  10. Sounds like we're both very similar in regards to anxiety in social situations. I wish I had a magic solution for you, but unfortunately I don't. The best thing to do is to actively put yourself in social situations that make you feel like crawling under a rock. Go to various clubs and live events. Just dance at first, maybe occasionally saying a word or two into local chat. If you keep this up, just being there, then HOPEFULLY you'll get more comfortable being around others. Once you feel yourself feeling less awkward and anxious, you can start chatting more. Complimenting the song choice, as
  11. // Settle Down // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  12. Burrow Whiskey Co. // Opening Night by Ambie Setner, on Flickr Dancing at the opening night of Burrow Whiskey Co!
  13. I know others have said this, but hey. Don't let this one situation deter you from logging on. Like others have said, block and move on. Find a new place to hang out etc. Do not let a few losers ruin your time here.
  14. // The City // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  15. @TatianaNikolay took this, but it was cute so.
  16. // Beach vibes // by Ambie Setner, on Flickr
  17. Living in strange times by Ambie Setner, on Flickr Remember me?
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