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  1. Spent a while editing this one tonight. Kind of dig the pink shirt and suspenders look!
  2. Found a comfy seat in the shape of a hand
  3. Thought I'd check out The Forum Cartel Hangout today. I waited behind the bar for ages, but no one arrived. So I stole some alcohol and went back home! 😏
  4. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay, we're a friendly bunch!
  5. My pet peeve: People who love drama and believe they're better than everyone else in SL. I mean, this can go for RL too, but the amount of people in SL who just LOVE to start drama or be involved in it drives me nuts!
  6. Relaxing at my new place. Being too lazy to decorate.
  7. Just started decorating my new home. Not quite sure what I'm gonna do with it yet, so just experimenting for now. I suck at decorating!
  8. Hope everyone is having a great day! Didn't get to log on last night. Was completely exhausted after work so decided to lie in bed and watch random YouTube videos to sing me to sleep!
  9. Hope everyone has had a great Monday (if that is even possible?). Let's hope this week goes by quick!
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