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  1. I have recently started dabbling in second life and have decided to create an avatar of my fursona for personal use. I've chosen to use a kemono avatar body, paws maned wolf head, and several separate parts which I will provide links to. I have absolutely no experience with modding and am willing to pay a fair price to have someone do that for me. There are a few parts of my avatar that won't need custom texturing, but I will provide links to those as well so that modders know the full extent of the build should that be needed. I can pay either pay with paypal or linden, depending on what's preferred. Please be aware that my budget for this cannot exceed 80$ USD. If you're interested in taking this job I can be contacted in-game under the username "Splackjack" or through external sources: email (creepercog@gmail.com), tumblr, or Devientart. Thank you for your consideration. Reference to my fursona Current in game model Parts I'd like textured: Kemono Body Paws - Maned Wolf Head Caboodle - Long FLuffy Ears AMBIX - Unitail Additional parts: AMBIX - Hybrid Claws [Infineon] Kemono Canine Legs [M.O.R] kemono fluffs [PaintedHyaenas] Hyena Manes *BUNCH!* Hornz *R* Male chest Okaie - Doll Eyes
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