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  1. thanks Qie, that's exactly the reassurance i was looking for! - Claire
  2. Hi! I m confused by the new "bonus" tier allowance on the mainland, as it applies to groups. Say a family group wants to buy a small family plot. The family is three folks (all premium members) and the target purchase land size is 4096 sqm, and is located on the mainland. (The "buy for group" button doesn't appear anymore, btw). So, one of the group buys the land and deeds it to the group. Each of the group members puts all their premium member tier towards the land. My question is, how much tier does each member allocate to the group land tier (do they have 512 they can contribute, or 1024?)
  3. Sometime later, in 2017..... I've had the same problem. It happens when I partially crash when crossing sim lines while sailing, and then suddenly, i can't turn right or left, but i can go forward and backwards. This is how I solve it: Go to the Advanced menu and click on "Release Keys". You can get the advanced menu by (in firestorm) going to preferences (control-p), then the 'advanced' tab, and check on "Show Advanced Menu". i don't know why it happens (losing the movement keys for left and right while the forward back keys still work), but clicking on "release keys" in the a
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