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  1. I never double-click and save as.. What I want to wear, I click and press ADD. Never ever any problems.
  2. If I press HOME,, SL seems to trust me with a lot of incoming planes.
  3. Thank you all. I just going to try that.
  4. How do I make a facepicture like 2Tessa? Can't get so close.
  5. Not really good at this taking photo's thing, and the boots are mesh. The rest not... 99% sure
  6. Meshbodyaddics This has a lot of information. Hope this helps
  7. Are we allowed to put links here? Please remove if not. If you got a lot of Lindens
  8. If you Google there are so much freebies, I think looking for them is my biggest addiction now. Love how you can look for free, don't really have the money for mesh, so really happy with all the shops who give away so much great stuff. Next up: learning to make decent pics
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