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  1. Maybe someone can help me. I updated my viewer (Firestorm) to the latest version. Now a few things don't work anymore, so maybe I pressed the wrong button, but tried everything I could think of. 1. Derender and Blacklist doesn't work. I can block people, but not derender them. 2. When I use this (see picture) and I press VISIT THIS LOCATION, it doesn't show up in my viewer, but I have to copy paste the slurl. Would be nice if someone knows what button I pressed wrong to get this :-)
  2. I did the same when I started, all my ava was gone but the eyes. Learned very soon not just to click on every link.
  3. Looks if that hand first goes to the wine bottles
  4. Looking around on the forum and finding a pic from your first ava....priceless
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Adherbal/225/60/29
  6. Trying to find a job in New Zealand...
  7. Only usefull if you want to kill the open chat
  8. From another post "Folks, we're getting some info relayed to us that the ongoing attachment issues are leftover issues from the earlier maintenance, as suspected, and that they should gradually sort themselves out as your internet connections pick up the changes. A modem/router reboot MAY help you, but otherwise it's just waiting it out." here
  9. Jacket from Lapointe & Bastchild, not sure if we are allowed to give links, but MP Skirt was free, and not available anymore, JEX now has these And Junes
  10. Someone send me this jacket. I don't know who it was, but thank you!!
  11. Believe in something or not, the OP is just a troll for posting stuff like this on the SL forums. Ridiculous!
  12. There is no "How do you look the next 2 weeks" So here is me for the next 2 weeks. Have fun everyone.
  13. This was always a thing in SL. Not really my thing, but if people like it on their avatar, and they can look like they want, good for them. My RL hair is very long, and I love wearing short hair on SL.... it's my thing :-)
  14. I blame HP and the fact I wanted a cheap laptop
  15. Yessss, work is over. Two weeks SL, 2 weeks real vacation. Time to change my SL outfit
  16. AnnistynSL

    No Inventory

    Would be nice if people told on the forums if everything worked out ok
  17. AnnistynSL


    Been offline for a while because my laptop didn't like SL a lot. Deleted my alt, and everything is gone now. I would be so good at SL if it was
  18. I can repost 99% of the pics I posted in the Vanity and How -does-your-avatar-look-today threads.
  19. AnnistynSL


    They all came back. My personal swamp :-)
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