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  1. If you post this in General Discussion, you probably will never find one....
  2. That the word fashion is a difficult word.
  3. I don't get that a lot also, don't care, I love my ava, and how she looks. That's more important then what others think. And I like your ava a lot also, so now you know
  4. I just danced to this, that's an awesome song
  5. That would be a dumb mistake to give to someone. If no one says it like this, I will. Would never do that. Maybe if I know and talked to someone in RL for a long time, and then it still would be a big maybe.
  6. I had the same problem. It happened when I put my viewer on a lower graphic setting. Then the hair looked really bad. I put ithe setting one higher, and it looked normal again. Maybe that's the problem?
  7. I am going to try this. Thank you so much.
  8. Can anyone tell what is the size for the coverphoto? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Thank you
  9. And then that stupid finger goes right trough the sweater.... One day... one day I will be mesh...
  10. Happy Halloween ( don't think we have that a lot over here, so I thought let's be early )
  11. AnnistynSL

    Email Address

    There is a search option on the forum. You would have found an answer
  12. I never be artistic, because I am just not. But I really laughed
  13. You can not really see me, but I am right behind the one coming out of the mouth.
  14. This place was the only place I could log in. And that's an asylum
  15. I give them a map, please remember the red part. Thanks
  16. Thank you all. I was just wondering about this.
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