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  1. Enix, love this, never going to throw it away.
  2. So you noticed the arcade machine, but didn't see she could have been your blond twin sister?
  3. https://photofunia.com/ http://funny.pho.to/
  4. Glad you like it. Now you can spend some hours on it like I did :-)
  5. Sorry sorry sorry. For the people who liked this, It's not a picture I made. It's really done on this link . My pics and photoshop are really not this good
  6. http://mandelaeffect.com/looney-tunes-or-looney-toons/
  7. Guess there are people who don't like Snowstorms
  8. Well, you look good in harnas too, even if you don't have a castle. It was an early present
  9. My post was deleted.... Another sad topic on the forums. You think they are really willing to pay? Or are they paying because they are hoping a RL wonder will happen ? Those Daddy's are people I can not call sad, those babygirls are pathetic.
  10. So many dances in my Hud..... they all look stupid when they played this
  11. Ah ok. Thought so I never seen him in Bubble Breaker.
  12. Lol pay a DJ 100 linden on a 80's party, tell him it is really from the 80's....
  13. Never heard of it, but if you like it, dance for 3 days
  14. Today I was "cleaning" my dancehud, no good dances out, new ones in. At a Social Island, of all places. I have been asked 2 times for friendship, 2 times as a gf and 1 time to be a daughter. I love SL.
  15. Wasn't there aplace with a famous sunken boat? Titanic, I am sure it looks the same as it was then, and it is a great place to visit....if it is stillthere
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