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  1. I don't go to malls at all anymore. My business partners store does mostly sales from their main store and from events and when hunters stumble upon their stuff. Most malls I see these days unless it's run by a super well known brand don't stay open because the stores are only half full and it doesn't cover tier. Events do more business these days and there are a lot of those.
  2. I didn't get any of those stores in the search the ones I got were Duchie, Michigans Shack, Depoz, Intimate Life. I tried getting into La Gallaria a while back but it wont let me on the sim. I'll try again. I have my reasons for not wanting adult furniture, one because it doesn't cater to male/male couples which I'm in and two I have roleplay children and my home is a roleplay environment. Thank you for the suggestions.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some kitchen recommendations, the things I've come up with so far are all adult themed and I'm just looking for regular ones. Can anyone suggest a few places for me to check out?
  4. That's RGF not RGE but thank you.
  5. Group is closed to new members I was never invited to it and the person that worked for him couldn't help.
  6. Does anyone rent land from them I need help.
  7. So this would include images of celebrities right? Or is some of that classed as public domain?
  8. Hey everyone I was wondering if you could help me, I have a full region and it's not parceled off there's a home on the ground and a store on a skybox set at 1000m I need a security orb that wont detect people on the skybox but covers the sim floor. Is there an orb that can do that? I'm losing hope trying to find what I need. My last 2 orbs when set to 256 detected people at 1000m up.
  9. Yep it's detecting people way out of range it's on a private region and it doesn't matter how low I set it the thing still detects 1000m up. I need to find a new one it seems.
  10. So you can put an image of mickey mouse on an image and it's okay as long as you don't call it mickey mouse? Or is that entirely different because disney images are all copyrighted or trademarked?
  11. Okay so someone messaged my business partner today telling him that the security orb on my land which is at 32 feet and detecting a range of 256 somehow gave them a message at their store which is at 1000 feet. Is this actually possible? I checked the history on the orb for the last detections and their name is nowhere and the list goes back 7 days so I don't understand how it detected them up there and didn't show them on the detection list. They've had sales this morning and nobody has messaged to say the orb showed up for them. Any ideas why this might have happened?
  12. Well I certainly wont be making shady things but I'm very curious why people would read through that "test" or whatever it is and still ignore what it says?
  13. Okay so I'm having to go through IP Intellectual Rights because I want to upload a mesh and while I'm not uploading anything to do with a celebrity it's just home decor I noticed some stuff that I'm wondering how people are selling things to do with images of likeness to celebrities. I mean I'm seeing actual dresses with Elvis on and a stool with a storm trooper helmet on and these are well known creators yet they're not getting into trouble. I'm confused because I read this - Meshes or other content that replicates or closely imitates the appearance of a celebrity or famous person is a violation of Linden Lab's policies and may violate intellectual property laws. So things with these celebrity images shouldn't be allowed right? Neither should furniture with Star Wars themes or Even dolls that resemble star wars characters? I want to be sure I know what's acceptable and seeing these things around and not being taken down is making me question what is or isn't allowed. Anyone care to help me out?
  14. Honestly I've been in an out of Second life for close to 6-7 years and I've only ever been griefed at at sandbox. I don't really make a habit of editing my appearance in public areas where there's a store unless I know the store is safe. If I'm griefed I report it to the sandbox owner or the owner of the sim and block whoever messaged me with a ridiculous message. Those keyboard warriors have too much time on their hands. I hope it gets better for you and I hope you meet some nice people soon.
  15. I think mesh is much better than regular avatars, for me it makes them look less block like (mesh feet make me happy). My first avatar here never had mesh anything but I don't really have an issue running SL or with meshes loading, if anything textures load slower for me and I still don't know why. I own a mesh body, hands and feet only thing I don't have is a head which I'm still not sure about getting. Maybe inworldz would be better for you? Or do they have mesh now too?
  16. Sorry in advance if this doesn't go here but I can't figure out the correct place to put it. Anyway I have land and I have a security orb which is at around 40m up off the floor on top of my house and have a store at 1000m, I keep seeing the same people teleport to my land and I wondered if they were trying to get into the store. The landing point is clear so it's not sending them to the ground by accident I don't think. My orb is scanning at 256 and is set to parcel only but I was wondering if it's somehow scanning as high as the store? Is that possible? Thanks in advance and sorry again if this is the wrong area.
  17. Sorry for putting it in the wrong forum I didn't know where something like this would go. I do know how to script though and was wondering if there was a way to script this myself. I have noticed people leave bad reviews on scripts when they don't know how to work them. I've seen many people just dump the scripts in items and expect it to work without reading the notecards. I'm going to purchase this and see what it's like. I was playing with coding and I kinda got something like it to work but I still need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the code.
  18. So, I talked to a friend who has this necklace that tells them what sim their partner is on and who is around them and my partner wants the same thing. I'm okay with this as long as they consent to it because I wouldn't want to do it against their will but anyway.. I've been trying to find a script that does this and I can't seem to find a way to script it myself because I'm too noob to do it and can't find a free script that allows me to do this. Anyway I came accross the Dvandva Location Tracker script here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dvandva-Location-Tracker-Box/1909087?page=2 but I'm worried after reading the review of one person that it's not going to do what it actually says. Has anyone ever used this script and know it works? I found another but it's a one time use only thing and that seems pricey if I want to give him multiple pieces of jewelery so this one seemed best. If this doesn't work is there a script available that does what this one does? Thank you for the help in advance.
  19. I've looked through the marketplace and not found what I'm looking for so I was wondering if anyone can help although I'm currently at Ikon looking at their eyes. I'm looking for very dark brown almost black eyes and I was wondering if anyone knew a good place for them? My avatar is Korean but eyes that are Japanese or Chinese would probably work too.
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