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  1. So the holy grail of a tracking ability is, at best, impracticle. If this has become a question about something other than scripting which forum would be more appropriate? What about a way to just set the head rotation to some fixed value? Perhaps +/- 60 degrees left and right and +/- 45 degrees up down?
  2. Thanks, I kind of had a feeling that would be the case. What about a method for manually positioning the avatar's head independently of other animations such as AOs? That would be good enough.
  3. What I would like is a scipt that would allow an avatar's head to track an object as either the obect ot the avatar moves. Think of a kite or a drone. As the object or avatar moves about the avatar's head would move up/down/left/right to track the movement of the object. Ideally it would also rotate the entire avatar as the object moved to a location that could not be followed realistically with a simple head rotation such as behind.
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