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  1. (Forgot to say: Im unable to browse too at the main SecondLife website https://www.secondlife.com, it continues to give Connection Reset Error. Any link/resource and such, Like the SecondLife logo image in the community.secondlife.com, wich means That current site. Is maybe secondlife servers under doss attack or such? The ping reply says 220ms, but i think that's normal, since im In Europe and SL servers are in U.S california.. or wherever they are located in America)
  2. Hi everyone! Since yesterday evening, I'm unable to login into SL (Using Firestorm x64 v. on Windows 10), despite SecondLife server stauts says that All servers are Up. I Didn't done any Windows update, network changes and such, it just remain stucked at "Login in Progress" screen, and after a while appear the Error message "Despite our efforts, we're unable to connect you" (or a stuff like that). Someone could help me or Tip me what to do, over to restart the Pc and the Modem? Thanks!
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