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  1. " lights " = small squares made of mesh ... I already found a solution for these issues ... if your mesh is very small, enlarge the object inwards so that the detail is not visible and that's it. (in case the error is due to wanting to upload very small objects)
  2. Now this having this error with the same mesh, I am looking for the current solution, they are small lights that are "rigged" in an armature, and only this part gives this error, however, I upload them individually, but if I upload the entire armature with its "lights" this error does not appear, so I think it is because of the size or the way these lights are positioned, I am testing if it really is the size ---- edit : yes is for the size. You should only respect the minimum space allowed in second life in a box, it is the solution that I found to this problem, if the object is
  3. for people who come looking for the solution: I confirm that the mav_block_missing error - is caused by the LOD (on specifically small objects or details that do not have a complete form) that is, if you make a box and leave the bottom face (the one that will not be seen) open, without a face, and it is small, this can cause the error, the LOD at 0 in low and 0 in the middle, help to solve the problem Solution: Enlarge your mesh a little before raising it, or change the low and medium lod values to 0.
  4. I'm going to try what you say! but, when it is often complicated, I usually change the project to something simpler ... I will remain with the intrigue of how the creator of this script, has managed to do this: https://gyazo.com/c1f88a777d9eee7a6c12f35ee7210980 if someone knows how to copy that effect! - always push, if you are flying, if you are on the ground, always push everyone is an "immaterial" ball that dies after 3 seconds unfortunately I will have to change the project because of the difficulty of the script, I made it more basic ... even if someone
  5. hi, I'm trying to make a push effect for a skill, but for some reason, the ball I use for this effect, acts as if it were in immaterial mode. https://gyazo.com/6c8b0226df30f48638896d691fdf44b2 I would like it to work this way ... although watching the video, I do not know if it is the ball that pushes the enemy. https://gyazo.com/c1f88a777d9eee7a6c12f35ee7210980 I use the second video to show the example effect (it's not my effect) in the ball i have 2 scripts frist : vector startingSize; integer tog; default { state_entr
  6. this effect is incredibly great !!! I can study it, thank you very much! - i am very noob for script
  7. Would someone be so kind to help me with this detail? I need to create a ball that grows slowly for an experiment, someone could help me with the correct script line, I'm just using on rez: llSetScale but basically from small it happens to big, and it does not work for me =( the effect u.u must be appreciated
  8. initiate the search of the script that allows me this, for the simple reason that the shield (of several layers) that I made, sometimes lets pass 1 bullet and there are other magical effects, which are ghosts, and go through all and impact on the avatar D;
  9. Well, I have seen many weapons that have 100% damage in their bullets, I want to make a barrier that annuls the absurd damage when my user decides it. then if a bullet of any type of weapon hits this barrier, it is erased or it simply dies
  10. Is it possible to make an object lose "physics" if it touches a scripted object that orders this to lose the physics? my intention is to make a protective barrier against projectiles there are projectiles that go through walls, I want to cancel these projectiles or failing that, something similar, but when the projectile touches the barrier (dies) I'm at zero with this project I do not have any base script if someone is so kind to give me a start! thank you! ;C
  11. this is great! As for the point where the particles end, it does not matter because they are very big! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  12. I just explored many post, but I can not understand, how to make my objects with particles send their particles to the avatar in the center X_x i have 1 galaxy, and the galaxy have much effect 5 balls that have to send a line of particles to the avatar ... and an explosion of particles that has to end in the avatar ... I copied the code but when copying the udi changes, then the effect is discarded I would like to know how the effects independently go to their owner ball particle : default { state_entry() { llListen(-77,"
  13. ahhh, if there is no solution to that error, then I'll go ahead in other ways! thank you very much!
  14. I did not know there were different types of script, for each object that you throw or shooting, I thought they were all the same, I'm throwing an object with this script: vector velocity; integer shot = FALSE; integer fade = FALSE; float alpha = 1.0; float damage = 25; float hitpower = 8000; float lifetime = 5; explode() { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, FALSE); vector vel = llGetVel() * hitpower; llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0), vel, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE); llSetForce(<0,0,0>, TRUE); llTriggerSound("3da2ccf7-8361-a8f8-76d7-7f13ec966161", 10.0); llDie(); }
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