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  1. Thanks. I might do that. I've been to Acacia Falls before but I never passed by their Adoption Agency before.
  2. I had to put domesticated in quotes because are wild animals every really tamed? That question aside; Hi. I've been waiting to make the leap in actively seeking a human family to be - a pet I guess? Or just a friend, I'm not sure - but yeah, I've been waiting and of course, when I decide I'm done doing the whole solo thing I can't find Heritage Adoptions (I guess it closed). So, I figured posting here might be my best bet. I'd love to chat in world and see if we might be a good fit. Message me any time and I'll try to get in contact.
  3. I'm interested in rping as a cat or something but when I think about how to do this realistically I get really confused because pets can't talk...how in the world would I interact with my potential owners? Any education on the matter would help.
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