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  1. Hello! I just wanted to give context before I start. I was on Second Life before and I was able to navigate it pretty well but never got past the part to really dress up my avatar. It was right around the time that mesh became a thing and that only a few people had it and were getting around to playing with it. And now fast fowarding to now. I joined Second Life again to make new friends and I completely forgot everything that I learned on Second Life. But thats not the issue. The issue is, as a born-again noob, I dont understand any of this mesh body and applicator and other stuff. I tried to look at the forums but it even made me more confused. I just need help in designing my avatar to look nice and away from the basic look that you start with. Can someone explain me all this avatar designing stuff in really simple terms? Im trying hard to understand but Im just getting fustrated. I attempted to figure it out but it didnt do so well. I tried to get a mesh body from Belleza but they said i didnt have enough credit but I have about $3000L to buy a $2499L item. I wanted the Belleza Freya body because its the one that appeals the most to me. I went to the store, clicked on Full Freya and pressed the credit and then it told me I had 0 credit. Wow. I tried multiple times and it said the same thing. I dont know but can someone explain to me what I will have to do to obtain the freya and other stuff to buy with it??? Anyone please???? Thank you, Cara Mayfield
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