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  1. Thanks, I already get cretor key but still get some errors with creation time, it seems to apply another time that's not the ceration date. Also may I ask how to combine these two for make the identifier?
  2. Hello! I already try to make a script texture applier for a mesh object, event with a hud, the thing is that for that I want just to drop the script into the mesh item and get working with the hud (Which I already did and it works) BUT, I want to know if there's a way that the script can be protect only on the mesh item that I want it to be applier even when I'm not the cerator of that. I put a screen of what I try to saying. This is a script mod for a head, of course, who make the script is nor the owner of the head, and the head doesn't comes with developer's kit, however it's protect for the fact that it can't be applier in another object.
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