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  1. Greetings all, Cedar Creek Medical Center is looking for fun and motivated individuals for various positions included but not limited to: doctors, residents, nurses, radiologists, receptions, and paramedics. We are also open to suggestions and opinions. The hospital is new and fully equipped at the moment with OR, ER, trauma unit, imaging unit, pediatric department, and maternity. We may also add additional departments as needed and as we grow. Currently, we are thinking of utilizing aerial EMT and so anyone who has experience in flying helicopters is welcome to apply as well. You do not have to be RL doctors or nurses to apply and anybody willing to learn and work as a team is welcome to join. Cedar Creek is a fun, growing, scenic, and dynamic sim based on family role play. Cedar Creek has all the amenities a RL city. As the community is growing so should the hospital. So, if you are a fun motivated individual who believe in teamwork, please do contact me (IM saharhanged) for more information. There are no formal application forms and I only need to see the applicants both to interview and show the hospital facility. Best Regards, Kim McGlothlin, MD Clinical Director Cedar Creek Medical Center
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