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  1. last i saw her some dude saddled her and was ridin her hard....at least i think that was her...you all look the same to me with your clydesdales and quarters....
  2. i find living my second life like my rl in this context, i don't want to hang out with everyone i see on the street, but instead i want to meet people i can have a deep connection to, discuss things we have in common, challenge each other and blow off steam and have some good old silly fun with. Not everyone is your close friend, why rush and force things that are not meant to be, instead i meet people , have a chat and laugh, but haven't really met the lets hang out on a regular basis, so alone is fine. I see a lot of people looking to fill a hole too eagerly, that when it turns into something ugly they get hurt(a lot of drama, or relationships,etc), that i want the real human connection, that cannot be bridged by pixels alone. I do realize that it is a sim and people all have their own outlook, design and goals for it, but i believe that any friendship that happens, happens naturally, and cannot have a want ad put out for it, and should be respected. Being alone is a natural aspect of any life , SL is no exception, but should be embrace as a time to understand oneself, and understand the world/sim around you, the people around you , etc... that way whether or not you are looking for something, you may recognize it better when you find it. this is just my thoughts, everyone has their own, and more than a few .......hundred occasions i have been full of *****....lol
  3. Wait, is that profile pic, Ron Jeremy's head on Mario's body? 🤣😂🤣😂
  4. um... you may wanna post a little more info of what kind of dolphin or turtle you are looking for, male or female, type of relationship your looking for? strict sl or sl/rl, etc, etc... age ? Just define the type of person you are looking for, share your hobbies and interests and somebody scrolling may stumble upon your post....after all there are plenty of fish in the sea! er and turtles n dolphins....
  5. There maybe some out there still, 6 months ago i was looking and found one, don't remember what it is called, but if you search i am sure you will find one.
  6. You guys could actually tell what he is looking for, between the low end humor and high end narcissism, i wasn't sure if he was looking for a date or just trolling for a punchline?
  7. Marrying houses and eating cats? Wow ,thought i heard and seen it all....eat your heart out furries! literally! 😂
  8. as this is not a direct A to B comparison to everybody as personal dynamics come into the picture, i feel over all there is a lot of truth to be found. This was an amazing post , and an intelligent read, i have read a couple of your posts and think there is something to take away from them.
  9. maybe, but i still stand by my statement, an absolute unbiased opinion is impossible, a person looking for a fling will not have the same opinion as one looking for a soulmate, sometimes a minor bias , sometimes a major one but always a bias. We are all products of our enviroment , and so is our opinions. Nobody knows you like you do and therefore no one will know if you are dating material without dating you, even then, it maybe nothing more than you are or aren't right for each other....not a case of "not dating material". Also Opinions are like a$$holes everyone has got one....
  10. best thing you can do is go out somewhere you enjoy going and start a conversation with someone on a pole....er start a conversation i mean, the rest will either fall into place or not...if not , get back up and do it again. great way to get friends and to find that special someone. what is meant to be , will be.
  11. When asking people whether or not your dating material, keep in mind you are asking an opinion of someone who will be tainted by what they are looking for, this is not the opinion of all. If someone is looking for a [MODERATOR EDIT: Masked Profanity Removed], then that is what they will find. However there are guys out there looking for relationships, and have their opinions too. All that being said, i think you are totally nailing it with coffee and a chat, if you are gonna find a relationship best to do a get ta know you and chat. This kinda sensibility is starting to trend on these forums, i find it refreshing and a little scary... can we go back to the days of "i am looking for a pixel bump" or " i want to partner", must be the end times.....
  12. i think he is right, i heard about this virus, it causes your avatar to do strange things......or is it the rumor mill.....meh who knows....😂
  13. meh, it's not that i don't want friends, but the very flighty nature of SL has made me very selective of who i want around me, as well as the preoccupation (and in some cases, plain old narcissism) some people have with avatar looks, or who they want you to be, or what they wanna do, start a family, etc. list goes on , that i prefer to wait and see if i meet people where the friendship lasts more than a hot minute and we can chat for hours over nothing , or go on an adventure that isn't driven by a single persons grand design. till i meet that person/people i am quite content to walk the streets alone, amuse myself and be happy af.
  14. i have huge respect for the poster, down to earth, intelligent and real, i wish you all the best and hope you find the friendships you deserve.
  15. I find this kind of RP truly disgusting, but lets pause for a second and really think about it, i feel and understand that it is offensive (but the world is offensive), and you can't fix any of it.I have a long list of things i find disgusting, and at the top is Christianity , and feel that any kind of RP or sim dedicated to a religion that has done horific things (including rape and violence) to indigenous people and children, around the world in the name of an imaginary person in the sky truly f'n gross.... so lets start BANNING!! i got all my demons in a row, lets go save some snowflakes! Maybe we can start a war against the Furries, i ain't got nothing against em' but with the right propaganda.....RP is RP just let it die..... if i am gonna be offended it will be against something real , not fairies playing dom and latex with unicorns in never never land....
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