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  1. so same as script runned casino *skill* games they decide when you win or lose , so when you pay gacha you win or not win the rare
  2. not really SKILL they are run by a script... they decide when you lose or win same as gacha
  3. true but casino games are also not Skill because it is run by a script same as gacha
  4. Will it be possible for them to place the Gacha's in Skill gaming area's?
  5. can they still put Gacha in area's where gambling is allowed? like for example Moulin Rouge games?
  6. didt asked him he did out himself lol
  7. the music was to overhear his music ask why first before go facts
  8. one of my friends grieffed him back and he left porblem solved
  9. in hope LL employee reads it and takes action
  10. naked DStickign to people with a Kick HUD attack others make them go in the air and loud music derrender and mute block and such does not work
  11. it is happening RIGHT NOW i submit but nothign happens
  12. Moderator Edit: Username removed ( griefers name ) Location Social Island 10
  13. JusticeBo


    i understand to pay that is the idea of it :)
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