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  1. I've been trying to befriend people and such, I'm into anime roleplay, specifically yaoi ones but I've got no luck, I can't find any good sims and if I find any, they're all completely empty.
  2. I've recently bought a venus M3 head to go with my Kemono body but I realised that there's only around four male skins made for that combo- The rest are female and it's pretty stressful having less then six skin options. Is there anything that could help me make female skins into flat chested looking? I have the kemono flat chest but I don't think that would be enough for a textured boob to suddenly go away. I've only got 3.4k Lindens right now so I don't think a whole new body or head would be within my budget ^^"
  3. I'm a starter and I've noticed most of them cost, I just wanna know if there is or not so i can quit my searching ^^'' also, Is there a place where people with anime inspired avatars hang out? I know it's such a weeb topic but idk
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