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  1. I have located a sim for my fire company, thank you everyone who has contacted me in regards to it. Administration you are good to delete this topic. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Custom fire station i did. In total it's 143 prims but once linked it comes down to 72 and only took 3 days of non stop work.
  3. We are still looking for a sim to cover. Contact me for any additional information you need about the fire company.
  4. Hello, I currently run a some fire company that can supply fire and rescue services to a sim. I can supply everything needed for the job from a station to all the apparatus and equipment needed. We've been open for over a year and are looking for a new place to call home due to the closure of our current place. Please contact me inworld for additional information.
  5. Eagle Hose Company is currently seeking dedicated individuals to join our volunteer fire company. We are a small company that is ran realistically. All are welcome like humans, furies and others. If you have any questions you may contact Chief Matt Eagelson (matteagleson) Apply today! https://goo.gl/forms/s04jBIfT0J5GVOHF3
  6. Eagle Hose Company - Volunteers Wanted EHC is an independent volunteer fire company in the outer area of Wolf Creek County. We are the primary fire, rescue and EMS service for two sims, we are currently looking for dedicated new members to join our company. We run an Engine, Rescue, Truck, Two Tankers, Brush Truck, QRV and a UTV Currently looking to fill all positions if the right people join Experience is a plus but not required All training provided Apply today! https://goo.gl/forms/s04jBIfT0J5GVOHF3 Check us out on Facebook Here
  7. Hello and welcome, let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Eagleson, I run Eagle Hose Company and we are currently looking for a sim to put a station and protect the citizens that live there. We are looking for a sim owner that is willing to cooperate with us and allow us to run our fire company as we wish. EHC is like any other Fire Department, we do our job with pride, safety, and respect. EHC has trustworthy members that can put their lives in a dangerous situation in-order to save life and property. What we supply: -Our own members -Our own trucks and items -Our own station -Our own SOP'
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