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  1. Hi there thanks for all the hard work! I'd like to mention another bug not listed. The brand name(s) field is not filled out when you edit a listing, resulting it to be gone when you save, unless you fill it out again every time you edit your listing. shouldn't these simple things be tested before they go live? also when I check out items from mp, my virus scanner tells me the certificate is untrusted
  2. I pay monthly for listing enhancements on the homepage but I never actually seen one display myself. The stats say there's being clicked on sometimes but I can refresh the home page 100 times i see the same advertisements over and over but never one of mine. Some adds from other sellers ads show up at least 5 out of 10 page refreshements. Doesnt matter if I'm logged in or out or from which pc/ip I do it. I asked friends to keep an eye open, I got one report in two months. I asked a few buyers they all told me they didnt find my products through the adds but through search. Is there really som
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