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  1. There is many things to factor I believe. First, they are probably right that while it pay for the servers, that 5% is probably not enough to hire anyone to make improvement to mp and clean up the ever growing pile of old deprecated stuff that really reduce the usability of mp. On medium to long run, if a part of that new 5% goes to the staff in charge on mp, it could actually be an increase in income for the creators. We need to wait and see I guess. Then i think it's interesting to factor that the inworld shops just get an effective 5% income boost. A shirt at 250L in a 1 land impact sell board just got an improvement of 12 month of shelf life. It will have a positive side effect on sims financial health. It's very hard to quantify, how far this effect could go ? The inworld shop have potential for DJs, roleplay and brand awerness that mp, as a internet page can just dream off. Will the increase of traffic in inworld shop counteract the loss in sell in mp ? Finally, it's safe to say that lindens lab income is directly dependent on the content creators success and they will do all they can to support them. This being said, 5% tax is 5% tax and no one will rejoice of that.
  2. They might not quit SL, but they might stop a rental here and there for a shop. And that translates in dozens of sims down for LL. BTW, it have just been announced that the group cap reduction was removed : So yay !
  3. Let say that 50% of the avatars are capped in group. That mean that groups, as a mean, will lose a bit more then 8% of their members. Is 8% dramatic ? Maybe not, but for a fair portion of those group specially small venues, that will translate in 8% less revenue. As a MEAN, this mean that individual venues will vary (And we could argue infinitely), but for SL as a whole this HAVE to happen and will principally hit small shops, DJ clubs etc... Venues which down the line pay rents to LL. Maybe not that many will close, maybe just 1-2% of those buisness will bankrupt from the lost of members, but for LL that's 1-2% of their main revenue that is lost. And all future businesses of clubs will struggle a little bit more. And of course, then we need to factor the annoyance for all the users. Which is mild, I admit gladly. I'm also a bit surprised that some people seem to believe that those groups cause the slightest amount of load on the servers. I want to remember everyone that a single 1024x1024 texture image could compare to the size of the bible in pure text. The load for a single avatar landing in a single sim with all the textures could probably fuel his 42 groups for the rest of his existence. The reduction of the groups have no influence on lag or cost for LL at all, it's just a plot to sell more premium.
  4. You are pretty clueless if you pretend that keeping a few full text chat groups in 2019 would be of any serious consequence for a viewer that transfer megabytes of textures and 3d data every time someone enter a region. It is inconsequential on the load of the servers. You should verify things before you make such bold statements.
  5. Yes, that's exactly the problem, no one will be willing to join new groups at all. If someone want to join my group, he will have to delete 7 other groups from his list. Everyone will tend to stick on their group and it kills business. Big time. This will have a very negative impact on all marchants and businesses in SL. Those who pay the rents. It's a terrible buisness decision for LL.
  6. I'm guessing you read my profile to come up with the school example ? Yes, i'm sure, other sim owners might not question it as much as I feel compelled to on a regular basis. Some people for example are small in real life, or have small breast and try to have their avatar look a bit more like them. It gets RL insulting when you jump on them because of that. I have a lot of trans visitor. Who technically have no breast and wish they had one even in RL. Also femboi who legitimately try to dissimulate their breast. And then we have the furries... I Once joked that one of my regular visitor must be a very old mouse but his avatar is adult height and talk normally. At the end, I agree, it have much more to do with the intent behind everyone's action. The way they talk, the way they emphasis on age. That i can moderate quite quickly. But it takes time and it's also subjective. I'm not. 2 days ago one of my friend who come since a yeah in my sim turned into a pichu (pikachu pre-evolution) just to goof around during a DJ party. After 5 minutes of walking around. He realized how youthful his avi look and said sorry. To which I replied to not worry, he's not concerned by the policy at all. But is he ? Why not ? That's why i came here to read the TOS again. Honestly it doesn't really answer that specific question. PS: I just googled it, and Pichu's are of the undiscovered egg group and therefore cannot breed.
  7. I know it's the intent behind that is forbidden but the spectrum of the problem makes it incredibly hard to sim owners honestly. Oh oh ! i have one good one ! What if a old gnome get reincarnated in a 22 yo human body and he happen to walk in a strip club. Does the dancer risk to have her account suspended ?
  8. Ok ! got it. Grey area of the day : What if elves have an age of consent of 52 yo in their village and i walk though at the wrong moment ? Edited a joke out.
  9. Ah ! Tyvm I understood my mistake, I was searching the LL TOS instead of the SL TOS. You are so helpful ! tyvm
  10. No no, I'm assuming every visitor in my adult rated sim are adults in RL. (Although i keep my eyes open of course). The question is about their avatar appearance and behavior. Nothing that you quoted here apply to that.
  11. Hello, I own an adult sim. I've been trying to find the section of the TOS about *****. Is it me or the section Viii of the TOS is not in the latest version ? I have no intent to do ***** of course, but i might be a bit more tolerant with visitors who just explore the sim without intending to interact with others. Just want to read the TOS... Edit : I'm censored ^^, the question is about age.
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