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  1. :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: :catlol: Yes, that's it Cerise. I'm sorry to have bothered everybody. That's just ~ too funny. I bow deeply to karma and say, Namaste.
  2. Thank you for your comment. I've filed a support ticket.
  3. I'm trying to set up my first listing in the Marketplace. The problem that I've had the past two days is this: I can upload images. But they don't display. They don't display in the listing editor, the preview, or if I set the listing to active.I tried deleting the listing and creating a fresh one. Chrome's debugger shows 403 errors. Screenshot of Listing and Errors I've checked the images for conformity repeatedly. The images conform to requirements. A 142kb 700x525 picture will not show up. This happens on the latest Crome and Firefox. I'm using Windows 10 with all updates applied. This happens from withing the viewer and via the marketplace.secondlife.com web site.
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