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  1. Innula Zenovka wrote: So if you want to send a message to an attachment worn by a particular player, llRegionSayTo(player, channel, message) is the way to do it. You don't need to know the uuid of the actual attachment. As i understend i have to use attachment UUID to take different damage for different body parts. (Makeing wearing hitboxes for every body part seems to be a good idea) Innula Zenovka wrote: Normally, you would use the control event to tell when a player is pressing down the left mouse button, and you can use the two integer values, level and edge, to decide whether he's keeping the button pressed down (automatic fire) or releasing it and then pressing it again (sem-automatic). This is the way to describe automatic weapon mode. If i want get single shots every time with no matter how long click takes there maust bethe second mode.
  2. Great! For smal group Experience Tools looks as a best option. llRegionSayTo could be pointed on the attached prim. So in the theoretical part for now we have only pretty solvable issue with auto/semi auto fire. As i understend. Please correct me if i`m wrong.
  3. Starting this i`v understood it would not be easy. Is there any way to run script inside weapon by pointing it and clicking to run skript in other person`s avatar? (for the usual touch any gestures and poses works)
  4. The main idea is to write my own combat sistem. For this moment i have not an idea how to detect collision with different body parts to recive different damage pionts. If you can help with figureing it out it would be great =) I`ll certanly try sistem you`v gived lik to. For now me and my friend have rescripted https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Realistic-Health-Meter-body-hit-detection/3879751 few times. There damage differencing by fractions of height that help to get hadshots and lower damage to legs. We use it to learn but it do not work propely fo some undetected reasons. As we understood there is some not obvious connections between coordinats of avatar, coordinats of script and height of both.
  5. They have used few options: it was "METR_DiabloCS - BOX Uniform edition" for mele and "STRIKEBALL - WEAPON & EQUIPMENT" for distace fight. The next stap was rescripting of some free AK-47. And all of them have same issues: first of all there isn`t any diversity in the hit zones, second: there are very few of us and we have to play the entire sqad by 3 or 4 players. So new sistem is supposed to solve this issues and idealy, if i find the way take different damage fromm different weapon.
  6. I`m alredy in such group. This people invited me into SL. The problem is in the sistem they use. METR is ugly, weapon is terrible, etc. And as i`ve learned couple of programming languages in highschool (Here, in Russia, we have different education sistem, so i could call it wrong way) i`ve desided to make my own METR, weapon, gestures, etc.
  7. Hi! I`ve recently start roleplaying in SL, and have many problems with combat situations. So i`ve desided to make my own weapon, armory etc. Please give me links there i can get some information about programming in SL. And what language is used in it. Sorry for my bad english.
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