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  1. This is very well said. I started at Le Camping and quickly became friends with the owner of Sex Dolls. He and I moved to 3/4 of a sim hoping for a less laggy location. I opened up AFK Bella's Resort next door and offered rental homes for other Avi's to rent and use their own personal twist to their AFK. Both the Sex Doll Dungeon and my Bella's Resort had strict rules on who was allowed to go AFK on our 3/4 of a sim. They must be mesh and the reason for this is as Femhalf mentioned, there are beautiful Main Avatar's leaving themselves while they sleep or off in the real world and it is hard to compete with that if you do not have mesh. When my friend closed Sex Dolls I was going to close my AFK Bella's Resort & ***** House as well but was offered a great place to go and set up so we moved, we have now been in business for a year and 2 months. There are a lot of sims out there that have bots, I know of most of their owners and know they do this to keep themselves in the Top 10, now I do not condone this and do not allow people to leave their bots/alts on my sim as I want those who go RP to thank those who leave them tips as well as I do know some "Users" hope that there is some one on the other end that just might RP with them and enjoy it. I also have strict rules about asking for tips or escorting on my sim. I do not feel that some one should have to pay to enjoy an AFK Sex Doll, I believe it should be their right to tip because they appreciate the beauty they just filled with their seed. I hope you all have a very nice day or night . Bella
  2. A friend of mine said it best and I stand behind him 100% in his thinking. In my experience, I was done with relationships because they never worked out. So I decided to try out the no strings attached approach by going to places like Teqis to play every now and then when the urge striked. I found that I still found drama, and the art of seduction didnt succeed most of the time which could end up in bad feelings as well. After that I went from sex sim to sex sim, seeing what was out there besides the norm, looking at RLV capture and such, when I came across the concept of women who just layed around waiting for men to use them. So for guys, there are several things that are appealing with dolls. They dont have to be afk honestly, its more about no words necessary. 1. Theres none of the foreplay and seduction, which im sure alot of people love, but you don't get "rejected" or the cold shoulder. And thus you tend to see alot more slex. 2. RP is optional, alot of times it starts and you can participate. Most dolls I've encountered like to communicate and do some RP, but you dont have to write paragraphs and lose your "momentum". And even if no talking is involved there is always some sort of fantasy to it, in the minds of the participants. 3. Some of the best AVs in sl with the right furniture and animations can beat most porn out there. Some of the best porn I've seen at least, so great for us voyuers. :>
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