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  1. Savvy is my nickname in RL and Harper is a last name I loved using for my barbies growing up! 😅
  2. Hi, I'm Savvy, 21/F/USA/EST, I enjoy a number of creative things and hobbies (video games, cooking, fashion, interior decorating, painting, reading, board games (DnD, Catan, etc.). Right now I am working on my degree in Digital Marketing. I came to SL wanting to express my creativity (clothing, decorating, creating, etc.) and meet people who also share that. The Drax Files World Makers videos on YouTube are really what made me super interested in making an account. It's so interesting to see how Second Life is for other people... and I really wanted to be apart of that Please know that I am still a noob with this world.
  3. To start, I have been admiring Second Life interior design/fashion for almost 2 years… I love reading blogs/magazines, browsing Flickr, and watching YouTube videos. I found out about Second Life through the Drax Files videos on YouTube. The one video that really inspired me to look more into Second Life was episode 21 with Editorial Clarity. In RL, I am a full-time student working on her bachelor's in Interior Architecture and I work full time. It’s been a little hard to express my creativity.... So I was wondering where I could begin on my SL journey. Any intern type jobs to be an interior designers assistant to get a feel for what it is like? Possibly even a job being a product designer working with creators? *Also I want to add that I'm not doing this as a "get rich quick" scheme. Second Life just seems like a place where I can create, make friends, and possibly make a little money doing so.*
  4. This is all I could seem to find on the marketplace. Hope it helps. . https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Yoko-Bikini-Swimsuit-Set/2144584
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