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  1. This is true! I think I will shop around and see if any new spaces are released. Maybe this is a good thing??
  2. Nice! I will be on and on the lookout! Have a SLURL for the region?
  3. It might have, but I was focused on work and answered a question of another person, and when I realized what I did I almost cried!!
  4. I abandoned a Victorian about an hour ago accidentally. So if anyone knows of a nice Victorian spot opening up, please let me know. I feel foolish. I was not focused on a conference call at home and was closing out of everything. Not sure at all WHY I hit abandon land or where my mind was. I rushed to the land page, but it was already gone. It was in Perpendicular with the double roads. *facepalm* Not my best day!
  5. Check your shape if nothing seems to be working. I had played with my shape, and shut down and for some reason my shape somehow was off me. Once I put my shape back on and relogged, I was back! Easy peasy!
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