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  1. Just to note that yet another thread has "disappeared" without explanation, this time one intended to provoke discussion about virtual reality, cyberspace and alternative truth. Dee Leted
  2. Talligurl wrote Oh it isn't the typing they can't do. It's the intelegent conversation. Yeah. That kinda proves the point. Dee Sappointed
  3. RedQop wrote: Can someone explain me what's the goal of the ''game''? It's pointless. Just life real life. Dee Pressed
  4. What is needed is a virtual Saint Nicholas, who used to go around secretly giving purses of money to ugly women so that they could afford the dowry to persuade men to marry them. [You might know Saint Nicholas - say it fast - better in his latter-day incarnation as Santa Claus) Dee Jected
  5. Since the new guy is probably an alt of the old guy, why not. Dee Liberating
  6. LinuxGod4u wrote: Are you saying "Ebbe Linden" is leaving??? Fact over Fiction Perhaps you should check his Twitter feed? Dee Lirious
  7. CheriColette wrote: Better never than late... ...perhaps you should have waited for the Chinese New Year, which is imminent. Dee Laid
  8. You could also try DadDancing, KitchenAtParties, HandbagCircle and TooDrunkToMove. Dee Sastrous
  9. ChinRey wrote: Klytyna wrote: That probably had something to do with where he used to work before getting the job at LL, and why he stopped working there... Yes, there was this diehard rumour he had been responible for some DOA project at Microsoft - can't remember the name. He wasn't actually, he was working at the MS Word department. Nah, Ebbe was responsible for the stillborn Vizact 2000 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Vizact] and left Microsoft on the day (April 1st, 2000 - and no, it's not a joke) that it was discontinued. Previously he had been in charge of the Mac Office 98 migration, until an internal email of his was leaked, which discussed stealing (literally) a competitor's functionality. Dee Stroyer
  10. Pussycat Catnap wrote: A quick perusal of the forums here, the SL feeds, and many inworld groups for clubs and fashion will quickly inform you that this place has a very strong LACK of geeks. The lack of technical aptitude among SL's user base is sometimes astounding. SLers seem less tech savvy than even the general internet / web browsing global population. Sometimes the questions asked are amazingly basic in nature. What this place needs is a customer support not geared towards the tech-savvy, but the tech-intimidated. That said, it has rarely had either approach. Geeks are perceived by non-geeks (and some geeks as well) as having a range of characteristics. It may be that Ebbe perceives just one of these characteristics, a semi-autistic lack of empathic common sense, to be the most significant one, when of course this is really just a prime selecter for those who volunteer to immerse themselves in a fantasy world where their anonymity prevents effective retaliation against their own deeply flawed social perception, with the ability to self-augment a corrupted moral indignation. And the main problems in the forums is that the tech-savvy generally do not seem to realise that it is even more important to express themselves accurately when typing posts than to ensure that code is correct, and that just because they know the difference between a subroutine and a subfunction does not mean that they have an expertise in personal relationship management. Dee Generate
  11. Love Zhaoying wrote: I am reminded of a certain hotel in California.. "You can check out any time you like . . . . . . but you can never leave" Dee Laying
  12. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Qie Niangao wrote: they instead eventually observe that nobody has the slightest interest in anything they post, and simply go away. One would hope that same goes for trolls in general. One does, especially those who wish death on other posters. Dee Testable
  13. Pamela Galli wrote For SL discussion, news, and suppression,, this is it. FIFY Pam! Dee Pendable
  14. Derek Torvalar wrote I am reminded of Lasky's satirical thread entitled "I lost my Breadable" that was moved to the Tech forum. Erm, I am afraid (and I admitted as much to Scylla) that was my fault. I think it was at a time that n00b moderators were being assaulted by gangs of cult-members here in order to remove critics, and I used psyop persuasive techniques to demonstrate that the authorities were manipulable, even in ludicrous circumstances. I think I made my point. Dee Spicable
  15. ChinRey wrote (Edit: I'm tempted to post a link to another forum here just to see what would happen. One of the ways to define those unknown limits is of course to test them out and that link would definitely be testing. It wouldn't be a valid test though. Whether they admit it or not, the moderators know they've gone to far. So they're treading on eggshells at the moment and may well accept posts they would normally have rejected for a while.) I am confidently expecting this thread to be moved to the Forums Feedback section (when Kristin discovers it) as it would represent fair and valid commentary in a relevant location. Not that relevance of location seems to be something that deters those posting here rather than in ANSWERS. Dee Niable
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