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  1. i just dont understand. i installed through the terminal 32 bit architechture. multiple packages as per the "How-To"s told me to do. i downloaded a third party SL viewer. because nothing else will work albiet the official SL viewer. i extracted the files. ran the commands as several pages indicate for my particular setup. and all i get at the end of the day, every time. "No such file or directory" W.....T......F......!!!!!
  2. so if i am using a 64 bit ubuntu 16.04 and i am going to install firestorm do i need 32 or 64 bit? because second life runs 32 bit and i have plugged in the terminal commands for 32 bit architechture does that mean the firestorm viewer needs to be 32 or 64 bit? and do i need to bounce back and forth with 32 and 64 bit settings?
  3. DMalkarov


    okay. i did all of this. the only difference is the graphics card that i am using. i am using an Asus Radeon dual rx460. is that my problem? thank you for the help i will be much happier when i can get it to run and have a launcher on my desktop. yes i am using linux. yes i know its hard. but i consider it a learning curve.
  4. DMalkarov


    Okay. I am running a gigabyte ga-z170 hd3p mobo An i5 6500 A radeon rx 460 oc 2gb And the power supply And air cooling. And a sata drive.
  5. DMalkarov


    hello. i am very frustrated. can somebody help me with the installation and setting up process? i am pretty positive i meet system requirements. i can let you know what i have. but when i checked minimum system requrements from what i read i should be good. i have checked on line for some kind of help.  i dont know what to do here.  okay. i clicked the download and install i extracted the files nothing happened, it just took me to the folder so i tried installing through the terminal but it told me that no such file or directory was found. thats where i am stuck. Okay so i am running ubuntu 16.04 LTS A gigabyte ga-z170 hd3p A radeon rx 460 oc 2gb An i5 6500 The psu And air cooling The only thing i have done is made the mobo recognize the gpu
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