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  1. Hello all, I want to animate some av sitting on an object and probably I would use avsitter for it because it is free and easy to use, but problem is I want to animate "static" mesh (or call it prim) along with av (not attachment- just part of furniture). As far as I know avsitter has not such feature. Is there any system that allows animating av and prim at the same time? Of course I know everything can be done by scripts, but messing with sl terrible script language is not an option. Is there any other solution (free or paid)?
  2. Because I KNOW how games are programmed (worked some game studios) and I know how mesh body is created/imported/scripted in SL! And I already told my opinion. But even this topic proves all discussions are useless - you will never prove some robber he is wrong and he has to stop robbing people - he will always have arguments. Thats REALLY my last comment about this subject. Discussion is useless as I said.
  3. Last comment in this topic. I stop and think about this: DOES CREATING MESH HEAD COSTS AS MUCH AS CREATING WHOLE 3D INDIE GAME? Think about it.
  4. Totally wrong! There are modifiable games with mega-tonnes of mods - including bodies, apparel, animations - everything! And everything is free, not like in SL. But enough of this - all debates are useless. LL is not going to change it's business model, so no sense to talk about it. Now they even allowed creators ban users from they shops, so from now as Romans would said: either good reviews or nothing. Again, no sense to complain cause nobody gives it a... you know what I mean. May be that's why sl population is declining - once full sims stay empty. But that is totally different
  5. Who said a word about 2D games? You can buy 3D games for phones. And latest Assassin Creed is USD 10 - less than maitreya body! Whole damned AAA game is less than some damned mesh. Fair, of course! It may be irrelevant for you, but did not have you in mind when I posted my comment. Fact is prices in SL are outrageous compared either offline or online games. And again - I am speaking about 3D games, so please stop this 2D bull*****!
  6. Of course it is expensive - average outfit is 300-800 l (about 1-3 usd) - for that price you can buy phone game. Mesh body is 2700 - more than 10 usd - for the price you can buy some indie game or dlc to big game. Head is 5000 - 20 usd for which price you can buy AAA game (on discount) or big DLC or bunch of phone games. Is really creating some mesh (with all scripts, alphas and stuff) come in comparision with creating full game or big DLC? Prices are simply outrageous. Either you find a way to solve this or you go. It is that simple.
  7. No, unfortunately I am not talking about AO. I need to play animations in different categories, such as: greeting, roleplay, some gesture animations etc. P.S. I found one solution: there is 1 linden dance hud that allows to add custom animations. One way doing it could be to have one hud for each category, but problem is hud does not allow renaming it. That means I have to have them in different folders, which is terrible way. I would like something simpler, even if it is expensive.
  8. Hi all, I need quite simple thing - a hud maker that will play own animations I add to it. And one thing I also need is ability to have animations in different categories. Of course one way doing it could be wearing opencollar or something(hiding it inside head for example ) adding animations and playing trough menu. Problem is I probably would add many animations and it would be very hard to navigate trough them without submenus. I checked marketplace, but there is no such thing or I did not manage find it . There are some solutions, but they do not let you create your own animation fol
  9. Ok people, I have to apologize - this topic is wrong. As it turned out yesterday I was using another viewer (it is not as advanced as firestorm) and probably that viewer has not features to display specular maps and such things. After close examinations clothes certainly feel "photoshopped" at some degree, but it is bearable - nothing too special. Sorry, for spending your time. And thanks for your answers.
  10. Hi all, I have rather strange case. I found a shop where there are some very nice clothes: leather, latex - that kind. On screenshots clothes look nice, but I tried demo and they look terrible. It seems there is no specular or glossiness at all. I do not think there are even normal maps. I am just curious. Of course it is possible demo clothes are such ugly and full versions look nice, but I highly doubt - why then distribute demo - to make potential customer puke? Or may be they only look nice in some viewers? I am using latest firestorm and in it clothes look like pieces of... you know
  11. Thanks for your comments everybody. I've tried that black dragon viewer and it made thing look even worse (or it is just me). It seems the only explanation really can be those marketplace pictures are photoshopped. Meanwhile i've tried different options - lights for example. It may change things abit but not too much. Without custom shader it is still terrible. I always looked at anime\hentai characters as more beautiful than real people... much more beautiful. But those seem too bad. For example at some location there was an ad board with 2d anime characters on them and guess what - they were
  12. Hello all, I am not total noob, but I still know not enough about sl. I admit - I like hentai, anime... I like those pretty faces etc. etc. Never actually had enough time to visit anime\hentai locations. Today I saw some apparel in marketplace and those clothes looked sexy, so I decided to go and see people with those sexy avatars... And may be buy one for myself. But what I saw was nothing like things I saw on adboards - instead of pretty, cute, sexy avatars and clothing something colorless, ugly. May be it is because I didn't use some options - some toon shader may be. Or all thos
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