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  1. Another question, does the workstation graphics card handle second life better if they handle certain workloads better? The pictures below are benchmark results that reveal how workstation graphics cards outperform consumer ones. I am not entirely sure how the Second-Life engine works to determine how it handles it. Because you have 3D graphics designing capabilities does that leverage it? I have never used a workstation GPU for Second-Life nor a prosumer GPU either.
  2. I know someone that makes SL videos in 4k 60-fps and I wonder how he does it if second-life has that optimization issue. As for the work I do, I am a video editor that uses premiere Pro mainly but I sometimes work with Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composure and sometimes after effects.
  3. For the past few months, I have been thinking about upgrading my desktop since my CPU is constantly maxed out when running Second-Life and only provides me as little as 5-Fps in maximum settings. My boss purchased me this desktop back in late 2016 for only $280 new with an A8 9600 APU, and it's not meeting my needs. The good thing about this desktop is the upgrade capabilities. I should be able to support the new Ryzen 7, 3700x 12-core CPU, and any GPU with a PCIe 3.0 16x slot. As for my laptop I purchased back in 2018, it comes with an I7-8750h turbo to 3.5Ghz 6-core with a GTX 1070 Max Q. I am able to get 60-fps in some areas in 1080p; however, some locations can dip below 30fps. Since I also use my computers for work, I was thinking about going for the Radeon 7 for my desktop but not entirely sure. I am concerned if I go 4k with the hardware upgrade, I will not reach 60fps.
  4. In August 2018, I needed a laptop for college to do film production, so I decided to go with a GTX 1070 Max Q under $2,000 on sale instead of upgrading my desktop. In second life, some of the places I seem to get a stable 60fps; then, there are other places my laptop fails to give me 30fps.
  5. As the game further improves with the optimization, and the Graphics cards improve, will Second-Life be able to handle 4k UHD at 60fps in most parcels with the highest settings? What GPU will it take to handle that? My GTX 1070 Max-Q design can only seem to handle 60fps in 1080p - except for overcrowded areas I get much less. Will I need a crossfire setup, or can I get by with 1 Radeon 7, RTX 2080 ti, or RTX Titan? Speaking of which, do you think the new Radeon 7 16GB high memory speed can pull more fps? Will I have to wait another year for Arcturus and the RTX 2280/3080 ti. What else I been concerned about, according to the previous forum feeds, some say that second-life lacks support for content creators who use a workstation GPU such as a FirePro or Quadro. If second-life would properly support workstation GPUs content creators wouldn't need to worry about switching computers who use it to upload graphics.
  6. I have been researching support for workstation graphics cards, but I see limited information about them. Can the Firepro (2016) series work: WX 5100, 7100, 9100, and Firepro SSG? If so how would they perform compared to the Vega frontier or the Vega 64? I need something primarily for content creation, finding that the w5100 according to benchmarks outperforms the GTX 1080 TI with this specific video editing work-load, However, I would hate to buy a workstation graphic card if I will be losing performance with Second-Life. My motherboard only has 1 graphics card slot and the hardware is more optimized for AMD graphics. I would like to at-least get 60FPS in 1080p Ultra if I can. Will the WX 7100 or the WX 9100 work, Or should I wait until AMD Radeon Navi is released possibly in August?