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  1. I reatached everything and it worked for a few days now im white cloud again im sick of this crap pls help free avatar works fine but slinkphisique mesh body avatar which I paid real money for keeps giving me this bull***** im sick of it I dont need this crap in my life why im payiing for stuff to not work wtf
  2. we all get the same issue I dont see anyone runing around as cloud I paid for avatar I expect it to work right why free avatar works and the one I spent money on stopped working wtf are you trying here telling me its ok second life doesnt work after I paid looool
  3. because you think everyone is stupid how about you presume I downloaded the latest version from their site what update is there theres no updates latest all version for viewer dont work and yes I expect when I PAY FOR SOMETHING FOR IT TO WORK at least better than its free counterpart whats the point in giving sl money real life money if I can j play just default avatars with freebie accesories from market what you think I come here asking for help with old outdated viewer lol I said I even changed windows since then what are you smoking or are you blind or something? IF you cant help better SHUT UP
  4. wtf is this I payed for this avatar payed for body payed for clothes payed for layers payed for some crappy systems now when I try to load my paid avatar it keeps giving me errors like unable to find body part avariel skirt unable to find body part slinkphysique unable to find body part unable to find body part and i sit there as cloud untill I choose a free avatar please help me I quit second life because of this I even did a fresh windows install since it started months ago it didnt change anything I have tried sl viewer , singularity , firestorm, rlv viewer
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