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  1. I made my first HUD for a lelutka hairbase and I followed every direction from Lelutka and tested and finished the HUD but when I send it to my friend the buttons do not work and i tried sending it to myself from the marketplace test option but still the HUD comes up and everything but the buttons don't work and yes I configured them all D: any help would be super appreciated! Thank you ♥Phi
  2. I was looking at "full permission" products in marketplace and from what I gather is that you can buy and use their full permission prod. to upload and sell your own creations in your shop modified ofc.. correct? Also, is there a limit to the uses? like can I only use the product once? or can I use it unlimitedly? Thanks♥
  3. I uploaded an image in the build section under tattoos.. how can I edit it? like upload the final image.. cause i uploaded a test image. please help sorry im sch a noob lol :) please & thank you♥ like in the build tab how can edit the submission I submitted like replace it?
  4. I made sure it said catwa on the ad and tried on the demo it fit so i bought it and now the demo watermark wont come off my avis face. I purchased it from the skinnery.
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